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Walter Hayes Trophy, Silverstone November 4/5 2023
So close again for Josh Fisher at the WHT

Castle Combe Grand Finals day Oct 7th 2023
Podiums and fastest lap for Ben Mitchell

Combe Countdown August 28 2023
A second and a fourth for Ben Mitchell at Combe

Combe Carnival 15th July 2023
A quiet day at the races

Combe Summer Spectacular 10/11 June 2023
A podium for Ben Mitchell

Combe May Day Madness 1st May 2023
Close racing at May Day Combe

Howards Day, Combe Easter Monday April 10 2023
A podium for Ben Mitchell at Combe opener

Walter Hayes Trophy November 2022
Another Heat win and grand final podium for Josh Fisher at the WHT

Combe Grand Finals Day Oct 1 2022
Class wins for Ben Mitchell

Combe Countdown August 29th 2022
Fine showing by Ben Mitchell

Castle Combe Carnival Aug 6 2022
Two class wins for Sam Mitchell

Combe Summer Spectacular - June 11/12 2022
Seconds for Mitchell and Bracegirdle

International Trophy meeting - Silverstone May 14/15 2022
Mitchell wins at Silverstone

CCRC May Bank Holiday - 02/05/22
Fisher's Combe double

CCRC Howards Day Castle Combe 18th April 2022
Fisher wins to start 2022 strongly and class wins for Ben Mitchell

Walter Hayes Trophy November 2021
Strong showing by entire WPR team at Walter Hayes

Castle Combe Finals meeting Sept 18th 2021
Wins for Colborn and a podium for Mitchell

Castle Combe Countdown Aug 30th 2021
Mitchell takes his first Class A win at Combe

Late May bank holiday Castle Combe 2021
Disappointment for Mitchell but podiums for Bracegirdle at Combe

Silverstone International Trophy 22/23 May 2021
A fine second for Ben Mitchell at the International Trophy meeting

Castle Combe early May Bank Holiday 03/05/2021
Wet and windy Combe

Castle Combe Howards Day Easter Monday 2021
Podiums for Mitchell, Bracegirdle and Colborn at Combe

Pre season testing at Castle Combe
WPR prepares for the 2021 season

Walter Hayes Trophy 2020
A win for Ben Mitchell and another strong showing from Josh Fisher at the WHT

Combe - CCRC VP Racing Finals Weekend 19/20 Sept 2020
Class wins for Bracegirdle (2) and Fisher

Castle Combe Bank Holiday Monday 31st Aug 2020
Class win for James Colborn

Castle Combe summer spectacular August 1st 2020
Two class 'C' wins for Steve Bracegirdle

Combe challenge July 4th 2020
Podiums for Colborn, Bracegirdle and Cox as racing returns

Walter Hayes Trophy, Silverstone November 2019
Mixed fortunes at Walter Hayes Trophy 2019

Castle Combe Finals day September 14 2019
Champion Fisher wins again and Colborn takes class win

Castle Combe Bank Holiday race day August 26 2019
Josh Fisher 's Castle Combe Formula Ford title

CCRC Big Race week-end July 2019
Fisher forges ahead and podiums for Bracegirdle

Late May BH Race Day, Castle Combe 27/5/2019
Class win for Parr & podiums for Fisher and Bracegirdle (more photos)

Combe May Bank Holiday race day 6th May 2019
Fisher & Bracegirdle take wins with a podium for Colborn

Castle Combe 22nd April 2019
A win for Fisher and podiums for Parr, Bracegirdle & Colborn

Walter Hayes Trophy - Silverstone Nov 3/4 2018
Mixed fortunes for WPR at WHT 2018

Grand Finals Day 15th September 2018
A winning end to the Combe season for WPR

Combe August BH Race Day
Wins for Fisher and Bracegirdle (more photos)

TCR UK Championship meeting, Combe 14/15 July 2018
Podiums for Fisher & Bracegirdle

Early season round up
Good showings from Andrew Higginbottom and Ray Smith

Whitsun race day Combe May 28 2018
Disappointment for Fisher but wins for Bracegirdle

Early May Bank Holiday Castle Combe 7th May 2018
Second for Josh Fisher and a Class win for Steve Bracegirdle - more images!

Castle Combe Easter Monday raceday
A damp start to the season at Combe

CCRC 2017 Awards night
The WPR team celebrate their 2017 Combe successes

Walter Hayes Trophy, Silverstone 2017
Fisher takes 2nd at the WHT

Oulton Park Finals Raceday October 14th 2017
A difficult day at Oulton

Castle Combe Grand Finals day Oct 14 2017
WPR crowned double 2017 FF champions at Combe

August Bank Holiday 2017 Raceday - Castle Combe
A difficult day but a wins for Higginbottom & Bracegirdle

Castle Combe August 12th 2017
Mixed fortunes as Fisher wins again at Combe

BRSCC Combe race weekend 15th July 2017
Fisher wins & takes championship lead

CCRC Bank Holiday Raceday May 29 2017
WPR Dominate Castle Combe Formula Ford

BRSCC Oulton Park race day March 25th 2017
Podiums for Parton at Oulton

May 1st 2017 Raceday Castle Combe
Good results for Fisher & Higginbottom at Combe (more photos)

Howard's Day Castle Combe April 17 2017
Josh Fisher & Andrew Higginbottom win at April Combe (more photos)

Brands Hatch April 8/9 2017
Promising season opener for WPR

2016 Walter Hayes Trophy
Fisher grabs last gasp podium at WHT

Castle Combe Carnival & Finals day Oct 8 2016
Pete's Farewell at Combe finals day

August Bank Holiday race day - Combe 29th Aug 2016
Seconds for Higginbottom, thirds for Fisher & Bracegirdle

BRSCC Race week-end Castle Combe July 16th
A second in Class for Higginbottom

Castle Combe Bank Holiday double header
A brace of thirds for Bracegirdle

Motors TV race day, Castle Combe May 2 2016
Another wet race but a podium for Diccox

Castle Combe HSCC 50th Anniversary meeting Sunday
Debut in FF2000 for Wayne Poole

Castle Combe HSCC 50th Anniversary meeting Saturday
2nd & 3rd for Bracegirdle and Higginbottom at Combe

Pre season activity at WPR
Pre season activity at WPR

2015 Walter Hayes Trophy, Silverstone November 1
A win and podiums for WPR at the WHT

BRSCC Fun Cup - OPulton Park October 17th 2015
WPR - double Champions of Oulton!

Castle Combe - Grand Finals day October 10th 2015
A historic win for Josh Fisher

CCRC Summer Race Day - Castle Combe Aug 31st 2015
Class wins, fastest laps & championship for Fisher

Oulton Park August 22nd 2015
Third places for Fisher & McHale

CCRC Summer Race Day Castle Combe August 8th 2015
First & third in Class C for Fisher & Bracegirdle

Castle Combe 18th July
A WPR Class C podium lock out at Combe

Oulton Park International July 4th 2015
A win for Fisher and 4th for McHale

Castle Combe 25th May 2015
A Class C one two for Wayne Poole Racing at Combe

Oulton Park May 23rd 2015
Another win for McHale but problems for Fisher

Motors TV Race Day Castle Combe May 3 2015
Fisher wins and Higginbottom third at Combe

Oulton Park 18th April 2015
A three win weekend for WPR at Oulton!

Howard's Day - Castle Combe April 6th 2015
Class win and record for Josh Fisher plus a 2nd for Guy Parr

Walter Hayes Trophy - Silverstone November 1/2 2014
Mixed fortunes for WPR at the WHT

Oulton Park October 11th 2014
A pair of 4ths for Wayne Poole

Championship finals day. Castle Combe October 4th 2014
Bracegirdle and Higginbottom score for WPR

Oulton Park August 30 2014
A very mixed bag but a class win for Fisher win to celebrate at Oulton

August Bank Holiday meeting Castle Combe 25/8/2014
Wet, wet, wet at Combe but a podium for Higginbottom

Silverstone August 9th 2014
2 Class wins for Bracegirdle and 2 podiums for Boyack

Castle Combe August 2nd 2014
Class C one-two at Combe

Castle Combe Retro Race meeting 12/13 July 2014
A quiet week-end for WPR

Oulton Park June 28th 2014
A return to form at Oulton

Castle Combe June 14th
Surprise podium for Guy Parr

Oulton Park on May 31st
Podiums for Fisher and Bull

Castle Combe Easter Monday 2014
2nd in Class for Guy Parr

Oulton Park April 12th 2014
Oh so close for Josh Fisher

Walter Hayes Trophy - Silverstone November 2nd/3rd 2013
A mixed bag for WPR at the Walter Hayes

Oulton Park - October 12th 2013
Broken suspension robs Wayne of title

Championship finals day at Castle Combe October 5th 2013
A disappointing end to the season - but second in the Championship for Steve Bracegirdle

Oulton Park August 31st
A mixed bag at Oulton Park

BankHoliday Raceday - Castle Combe August 26th 2013
Wins for Higginbotham and Bracegirdle

MSVR Raceday Castle Combe August 3rd 2013
A class win and second place for Steve Bracegirdle

Castle Combe 13/14 July 2013
A win & fastest lap for Pete Diccox!

Oulton Park 29th June 2013
A win and Championship lead for Wayne Poole

Castle Combe 16/17 June 2013
Steve Bracegirdle & Pete Diccox first & second twice!

Motor Sport at the Palace May 26/27 2013
Chris Bennett takes two third places at Crystal Palace

Castle Combe 27th May 2013
Second in class for Steve Bracegirdle

Outlon Park International May 25 2013
Second place for Wayne Poole!

Castle Combe 6th May 2013
Third places for Parr & Bracegirdle

Oulton Park April 13th
A win for Wayne Poole!

Castle Combe April 1 2013
Podium for Bracegirdle

Heat win, GT podium & good showing in final at WHT 2012 for WPR
Cold & wet at Silverstone for WHT but a win for WPR

Castle Combe October 7th 2012
Class wins & podiums at Combe finale

Castle Combe Bank Holiday Monday - August 27th
Finishes but no podiums for Steve Bracegirdle and Pete Diccox

AVON Tyres Pre90 Formula Ford Oulton Park August 18th
Podium for Wayne Poole at Oulton

Silverstone National 28/29 July
Class wins for Bull and Bracegirdle & good race for Parr at Silverstone

Class podiums for Parr & Bracegirdle at Combe July 21/22
A pair of seconds for Parr and thirds for Bracegirdle

Castle Combe Japanese raceday June 17th
Almost but not quite at Combe on June 17th

Castle Combe Japanese raceday June 16th
A trio of third places

Castle Combe Bank Holiday raceday June 4th
Class saloon podium for Guy Parr

Castle Combe May 7 Motors TV raceday
Overall GT podium for Des Andrews

Pre '90 FF Championship Oulton Park 31st March 2012
First race meeting of the year at Oulton Park for WPR and good performance from Wayne Poole

2011 Walter Hayes Trophy meeting 5/6 Nov 2011
Matt makes final & Steve debuts Nemesis

Success for WPR at Castle Combe on Oct 1
Class win for Tom Margetson and Carnival result for Olly Bull

A 2nd for Guy Parr and 3rd for Steve Bracegirdle

2nd & 3rd for both Guy Parr and Pete Diccox at Aug Combe
The August Cup at Combe August 13/14

British Endurance Racing Week-end Castle Combe 23/24 July
Podiums for Guy Parr & Steve Bracegirdle

Summer Motorsport Carnival Castle Combe June 19th
A win for Des Andrews, a pair of 2nds for Steve Bracegirdle and a 3rd for Pete Diccox

First Line Japanese Race Day, Combe May 30th 2011
Lousy weather but a couple of podiums and some good performances

Spring Bank Holiday races at Castle Combe - Podiums for Olly, Guy and Des
25th April & 2nd May at Castle Combe - now with extra photos

Clubmans Race weekend Silverstone 9/10 April 2011 - Class win for Ray Smith and 2nd in Class for Guy Parr
Silverstone with Formula Fords and Open Sports cars MORE PHOTOS

A podium for Guy Parr and Olly Bull makes WHT final

Wins for Guy Parr & Steve Bracegirdle and a podium for Pete Diccox

Just one podium for Guy Parr and a good run for Pete Diccox

A quiet week-end for the team at Combe but Chris Bennett takes a Class Sprint win at Llandow

Good finishes in Fords and GTs but no podiums

Jim Morris takes 2nd in Class (and fastest lap) in the Guards Trophy

2nd in Class for a one off return by Tom Margetson

A podium for Guy Parr and some good runs in a day of mixed fortunes

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