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Reports > Summer Motorsport Carnival Castle Combe June 19th

A win for Des Andrews, a pair of 2nds for Steve Bracegirdle and a 3rd for Pete Diccox

The Summer Motorsport Carnival held at Castle Combe on June 19th was potentially the WPR team's busiest day for many years with four races for the Formula Fords to take part in, three for the GTs and two for the Saloons although fortunately not every driver in the team elected (or was able) to take part in them all!

Starting with the FFs Pete  Diccox (making a welcome return to the cockpit), Steve Bracegirdle and Darren Houldcroft were all entered in their Class C Van Diemens. In the two Combe Championship FF rounds Steve qualified 20th overall and second in Class C for both events despite an off at Quarry. Pete qualified 22nd and 24th while Darren lined up 25th for both races.

In Race 1 Pete made an uncharacteristically slow start and Steve was distracted by a stiff and unresponsive steering rack but Pete still led Darren and Steve at the end of Lap1. These three WPR drivers then entertained the crowd over the next few laps in their battle for third in Class. Pete (wearing number 75 in anticipation of his forthcoming Birthday) led the group for a few laps with Steve and Darren swapping places a couple of times. On Lap 5 Darren got by Pete at Tower only to lose it at Bobbies, nearly collecting Pete in the process. In the confusion Steve got past and despite being worried he wasn't getting full throttle went on to take 2nd in Class while Darren got past a tiring Pete who later admitted he needed to spend more time in the gym!

In the second FF race Pete did make one of his good starts and came round just behind Steve in third in Class. Pete hung on to Steve very well and by Lap 9 Darren who had made a slow start had caught the pair up. However, an off at Quarry on Lap 10 removed a rear corner from Darren's car and the race was red flagged with Steve 2nd and Pete 3rd in Class.

Formula Fords were also eligible for the two Formula Libre style races. Although he qualified 6th for the first of two races Steve's car was having its steering rack attended to so it was left to Darren to complete the race in 5th place. In Race 2 Darren was unable to start so it was Steve's turn to finish 5th in another small field.

Des Andrews (Megar Hart) and Guy Parr(Nemesis GT) were down for the GT races and they qualified 5th and 6th repsectively for both Championship rounds. Unfortunately Guy's engine lost its oil during practice and was unable to take part in the races so it was left to Des to take a 7th and 5th in each of the races and looking more competitive each time out.

There was a further race for GTs and in the Open race Des qualified on pole and took a good win in the race.

Being unable to take part in the GT races Guy Parr took over the team's Mini Cooper for both Castle Combe Saloon Championship races. Despite not having the most competitive car in the field Guy enjoyed good tussles in both races, particularly with another and faster Mini Cooper finishing 16th and 14th.